Ranking QT Herbst 14-1

Saturday, 08/12/2018
Rank  Player Nation Club Points Counted
01.  Poggiolini Marco Billard Club National Luzern 265 YES
02.  Tanasomboon Tanes PBC Zürich 237 YES
03.  Penta Marco Team Sorace 214 YES
   Haueter Stefan Medela Sports Team 214 YES
05.  Ernst Nicolas be happy 189 YES
   Regli Ronald Romandie Pool Billard 189 YES
   Karabiyik Aygün Medela Sports Team 189 YES
   Torres John Maboule 189 YES
09.  Gauch Fabian Billard Club National Luzern 133 YES
   Ugolini Patrick Romandie Pool Billard 133 YES
   Ljumanoski Burim Medela Sports Team 133 YES
   Pauli Manuel Medela Sports Team 133 YES
13.  Bruni Danilo be happy 110 YES
   Tschäppät Julien Cercle des Amateurs de Billard 110 YES
   Rothenfluh Christof Billard Club National Luzern 110 YES
   Bürki Bernhard Black Eight Interlaken 110 YES
17.  Duranec Emanuel Billard Club National Luzern 83 YES
   Steiner Sascha Eastside Billards 83 YES
   Calo Alessandro be happy 83 YES

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