Ranking Billiard Point Masterturniere

Wednesday, 16/05/2018
Rank  Player Nation Club Points Counted
01.  Di Santo Dino Billiard Friends 80 YES
02.  Di Santo Dario PBC Zürich 70 YES
03.  Marcelic Orin be happy 60 YES
   Pascucci Mike PBC Zürich 60 YES
05.  Olech Michal Twisting Ball 52 YES
   Humbel Manfred Diverse 52 YES
   Schmid Roger be happy 52 YES
   Sonkur Mustafa Billiard Friends 52 YES
09.  Gastaldi Guido PBC Zürich 33 YES
10.  Thavapala Jothy Pool Billard Club Paradise 30 YES
   Saiti Islam Billard Club National Luzern 30 YES
   Weber Camil Black Bears Billard 30 YES
13.  Marius Ciurariu PBC Zürich 23 YES
   Müller Beat PBC Zürich 23 YES

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